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It's Joyfully June!

Welcome to my first post at Divine Spark Art. I've had my website set up since May but this is my first blog entry. I am still new at this but I'm excited for what the future holds! I've set up a Facebook page under the same name.

Art Prints

I've been looking into getting prints of my artwork done professionally. My goal is to have them available in my online store next month. Unfortunately my own photography work and Costco just aren't cutting it! I'm learning so much. Stay tuned!


As I move into operating from my heart space I felt inspired to paint a heart floating in a painting. I created this work last month. I finished the work and wasn't satisfied with the names I came up with. I approached several Facebook communities to assist me with a name for the work. Holly James suggested the winning title, "Universal Love". Holly is receiving a 8x10 print of her choice.

Buddha Artwork and Meditation

I had a powerful dream last month of the Ascended Master Buddha. His teachings on Joy coincided with some realizations I was having about my own happiness. I recognized that I frequently tell my friends that it's their God-given right to be happy but looking at my own life I came to realize I was accepting the next best thing to true happiness. I felt compelled to paint the happiest Buddha I could create and then I went one step further and created the, "Joyful Buddha Meditation". It's free on my website this month and I'm in the process of making it available on my Youtube channel.

If your still reading this, thanks! I have so many hopes and dreams for this site. One of my hopes is that you will stop back soon for more updates!

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