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My Story

In 2015 Divine Spark Art was born. I have always been interested in art and educating others. I began to see adults seeking out art experiences that I was providing to junior high students in a school setting. I take great satisfaction in seeing others achieve successful results in their painting and art. My goal is to ignite others creativity, whether it's through purchasing my work or participating and hosting a Paint Party. 



I can offer the knowledge I have amassed over many years. I have a Bachelor of Fine Arts/Bachelor of Education combined degree from the University of Lethbridge. Prior to that, I completed a two-year transfer diploma in fine art at Red Deer College. I have been an educator with Calgary Board of Education since 2002 where I currently teach art and photography.  I began teaching paint parties in 2017.


Can I Teach You Art?

I frequently hear at the end of a paint party that people are surprised that their painting turned out so well. I pride myself in spending time on instructions and demonstrations and assisting you to create the best work you are capable of producing. If you have patience are willing to try I can definitely teach you.  


Additional Benefits from Art

There most definitely are benefits to opening yourself up to a creative outlet! Studies have shown that art changes the way we think and can benefit us in our day-to-day problem-solving. 


  • It enhances your well being

  • Reduces stress

  • It helps you see the world differently

  • Aids in your creativity

  • Can be used as a type of meditation

  • Brings us back to our heart centre and encourages empathy

  • IT'S FUN!

Art speaks to something primal within us, tapping into our imaginations and firing our creative impulses.

~Brett Janes

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